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After an ACL reconstruction, a subsequent revision, and two more preparatory surgeries, I was at wits' end with my knee health and military healthcare services.  On the advise of my supervisors, family, and friends, I concluded that my only course of action would be to look outside of the military system to repair my badly damaged knee.  While conducting research on prominent American sports knee surgeons, I stumbled across Dr. Owens' name and some of his published material.  Owing to his position at Keller Army Hospital at the Army's prestigious West Point Academy, my hope was suddenly revitalized because I knew there was a chance that I could be referred to the military treatment facility where he worked.  I sought out the contact info for Dr. Owens in one of his published articles.  Although I thought the chances were slim that an Army Lieutenant Colonel would have the time correspond with a Marine Corps Captain from so far away, I was pleasantly surprised when I promptly received a promising call in response.


From there on out, Dr. Owens and his staff were incredibly helpful and hands on throughout my time working with them.  Despite being located hundreds of miles away from his practice, Dr. Owens paid special attention to my case and ensured that no stone was left unturned when it came to determining the best course of action in my particular case.  Not only did he take the time to review all pertinent medical records, he also sought out the other doctors who previously operated on my knee so that he could form as accurate an understanding of what he was dealing with as possible.  Dr. Owens is fond of comparing his work with custom carpentry and that comparison is as apt as they come.  He looked at every angle of my knee and the supporting structures to ensure there were no hidden irregularities that would hinder my recovery.  The end result is a custom ACL reconstruction that led to a knee that is more stable than even the "good" knee that he did not work on.  I am extremely fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Owens' practice and am certain that without his care, I would not be progressing forward in my physical therapy as easily as I have been.  I am sure that I will owe my military career to his skilled hands when all is said and done. — Captain Perry Duncan, U.S. Marine Corps








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