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Athletes, Military Personnel, and “weekend warriors” come to see Dr. Owens for their injuries. Dr. Owens consistently offers world-class medical care that is personalized to each patient and their unique needs. Helping patients get back to the activities they love makes it all worthwhile for him. Dr. Owens has changed the lives of thousands of patients - we invite you to meet some of his patients and hear their stories directly.









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The following excerpt is from, The Surging Return of Jeremy Boltus, by Nick Powers.


The rehabilitation, both physical and mental, started for Boltus in a place he’s grown familiar with over the years: The United States Military Academy at West Point. A First Lieutenant in the Army, Boltus underwent surgery with Dr. Brett Owens, who had been his team doctor at West Point and previously worked with him to rehabilitate a shoulder injury. Boltus underwent a patellar tendon graft, one of the most common ACL reconstructive surgeries that takes the middle section of the patellar tendon below the kneecap and attaches each end with plugs of bone. The torn ACL ligament is then removed, and the new graft put in its place.


Despite having considered other options to reconstruct his knee, Boltus put his trust in Dr. Owens, a man who he’s come to be well acquainted with since his time as a cadet.


“Being young and being athletic and having that kind of background I’ve had for multiple years before the injury, [Dr. Owens] said this is probably the best way. Since I am young and could probably recover from this injury, that that would be the best way. Obviously he’s had more experience, and I just took his word for it. Like I said, we have a trust factor built, so I trusted him and things are working out so far.”

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Patient Story - Ernest "Lee" Dunlap

Patient Story - Jeremy Boltus

Patient Story - Perry Duncan

Patient Story

"Dr. Brett Owens has been a huge influence in my athletic career, whether it be advice or executing the necessary procedures to get me back performing at the highest level in the lacrosse world. Not only is he highly professional, but his genuine care for my recovery and wellbeing gave me the confidence I needed to work hard and come back stronger after my ACL surgery.  A very successful doctor and even better mentor to look up to in the United States Army."

—Jeremy Boltus

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